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Authentic Self Empowerrment
Mind Enhancement Systems (MES) was co-founded by Andrzej Andamon Slawinski, Jevon Dangeli and Graham Stuart who share the vision that all people can experience greater levels of aliveness and wellbeing when they have access to the appropriate resources.

These three entrepreneurs have combined their unique skills and experience to develop a range of cutting edge, yet cost effective “plug & play” resources that are designed to help people in the areas of:

Andrzej Andamon Slawinski

Andrzej is co-founder of Mind Enhancement Systems and a multimedia producer specialized in psychointeractive systems for sports, HR and education. His background is theater, music, psychology, biophysics (worked for Prof. Fritz Albert Popp in biophoton research) and mathematics.

Andrzej is the inventor of AudioStrobe technology and co-founder of VERIM (Virtual,- Energy,- Resourses,- and Intelligence Management), producing over 100 AVS (audio-visual-stimulation) programs including productions for Deepak Chopra. Besides seminars and workshops he also works on theater and multimedia performances.

In 2006 he was granted an European patent for group psychointeractivity and has applied for another patent in biofeedback based multi sensory stimulation MuSES (Multi-Sensory-Enhacement-System). Andrzej runs Tamas Lab. studios in Poland and is a shareholder of Audiostrobe Ltd in UK.

“I have dedicated my work to human development, using wisdom of old traditions, science & multimedia to create state of the art technology.”

Jevon Dangeli

Jevon is co-founder of Mind Enhancement Systems, the author of 5 books and has recorded over 30 audio-programmes that include NLP plus other personal development and performance enhancing methodologies.

Jevon is an experienced and accredited international Trainer and Master Practitioner of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Hypnotherapy. He has spent more than 20 years studying human development from various perspectives, as well as a wide range of mind-body healing methodologies. This exploration included a Masters (MSc) degree in ‘Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology’, which involved considerable research into how a mindfulness based technique (used in several of the MES recordings) helps to reduce stress and prevent burnout while enhancing one’s performance.

“One of my greatest pleasures is my current occupation, as it allows me to fulfil my vision, purpose and passion in life, which is helping people become Authentically Self Empowered”.

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Graham Stuart

Graham is co-founder of Mind Enhancement Systems, with almost 30 years practical and entrepreneurial business development experience in the UK, Europe and the Far East.

Graham created the Accelerated Meta Change-ology© coaching framework, which is a blueprint to help individuals and businesses embrace continuous personal development and empowerment. His coaching work is aimed at fast tracking people to the next level so that they can achieve their desired outcomes and goals in life, utilising elements of psychology, emotional intelligence, slight edge philosophy, paradigm change and subconscious reprogramming. Graham is a certified NLP Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and is also certified in Law of Attraction hypnosis.

“There are many great personal development books and audios that provide invaluable information and a “how to” process. However, most people also need help in making the “shift” so that they can become more empowered, confident and break free from whatever is holding them back. Learning, habits and behaviour is controlled at the subconscious level and the MES specialist guided audio products can help accelerate the breakthrough to achieve the success, fulfilment and happiness people deserve in their personal and business lives. This led to co-founding Mind Enhancement Systems with my like minded colleagues, Andrzej and Jevon respectively”.

The MES Mission – providing practical and sustainable solutions to the stress and performance issues that people face in their personal and professional lives.

The MES Vision – empowering people to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from achieving physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.
We recognise that the world has changed and it’s clear that today’s problems cannot be solved with yesterday’s solutions. In this high-tech and fast paced age it’s now more necessary than ever to make time for reconnecting with our inner resources and our creativity – in order to perform optimally. The price of not taking appropriate action is becoming increasingly evident in the areas of health, stress resilience and adaptability to change, as well as in the social and economic contexts.

Our aim is to help individuals and organizations by providing effective and affordable resources that address key issues such as: stress, anxiety, motivation, procrastination, indecision, conflicting priorities, burnout, overwhelm, productivity and performance problems, which are all the result of automatic (unconscious) reactions and patterns that occur before we become consciously aware of them.

So, the question really is….if you could have a simple yet powerful way of “tuning into” your unconscious mind and creating a neurological shift in your perceptions and abilities – would that be of interest to you?

The MES MP3 audio recordings cover a wide range of benefits, each of which is described in the following categories: